Retrieve the replies to a Post

Retrieve all the Posts that are in the same thread as this post. The specified Post does not have to be the root of the conversation. Additionally, the specified Post will be included in the response at the appropriate place.

This endpoint would be more accurately named posts/{post_id}/thread and may be renamed in a later API version.

This endpoint responds to general Post parameters.

Responses from this endpoint are paginated.


Method URL Token
GET{post_id}/replies Any

URL Parameters

Name Description
post_id The id of a Post in the thread to retrieve.


to see more complete examples.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR ACCESS TOKEN>" -H "X-ADN-Pretty-JSON: 1" \
  "data": [
      "canonical_url": "",
      "created_at": "2012-10-11T22:02:38Z",
      "entities": {
        "hashtags": [

        "links": [

        "mentions": [
            "id": "136",
            "is_leading": true,
            "len": 4,
            "name": "adn",
            "pos": 0
      "html": "<span itemscope=\"\"><span data-mention-id=\"136\" data-mention-name=\"adn\" itemprop=\"mention\">@adn</span> Dang! Looks like I&#8217;ll be in SF a week too early. </span>",
      "id": "917679",
      "machine_only": false,
      "num_replies": 0,
      "num_reposts": 0,
      "num_stars": 0,
      "source": {
        "client_id": "QHhyYpuARCwurZdGuuR7zjDMHDRkwcKm",
        "link": "",
        "name": "Netbot for iOS"
      "text": "@adn Dang! Looks like I’ll be in SF a week too early. ",
      "thread_id": "914440",
      "user": "...user object...",
      "you_reposted": false,
      "you_starred": false,
      "reply_to": "914440",
      "pagination_id": "917679"
  "meta": {
    "code": 200,
    "more": false,
    "min_id": "917679",
    "max_id": "917679"