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From personal shopping assistants to furniture assemblers, lawyers, IT Professionals, Myarea is always looking for service professionals who are experts in their area and are ready to offer remote services. In social distancing conditions - Myarea app is best place to start a project and get it done with minimal personal interaction.

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What People Are Saying

  • "Myarea app is my only source of income during these critical times." Jennifer
  • "Myarea app is an amazing resource for anyone who can offer remote services." Elizabeth
  • "There is no better place I could find the right person for my lessons." Adam
  • "With the right Public Speaking Instructor on the line my YouTube videos got much better." Christopher

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Remote Service Professional?

During Social Distancing times, it is easier to start a project remotely. Spend the time with customer on the phone, chating and provide professional consultations. Minimize your contacts. Get on the fields only when needed. Investigate, advise, estimate, prepare, assist shopping, etc.. all these can be done over-the-phone, remotely.

What are the benefits?

You can spend hours on the phone or chat with potential customers and end up wasting your time. Ask to be called via MyArea app and tap "Start Charge" button when you feel it is time to get paid for your time.

How people will find me?

myarea app ofers search, listing, matching services. People will find you directly searching the app within a range of 35 miles from where your device is located. We also recommend posting on Craigslist, Facebook, Websites links to your MyArea public profile to ecourage customers calling you via MyArea app.

Do I need to share my location?

Yes. At least once when you register your Me-On-Map Profile. You can enable/disable location sharing anytime later from within the app or from your device' settings. We require your location because we only allow local PROs and businesses on myarea app.

How much money can I charge for paid calls?

It's totally up to you. Depending on your area. Depending on your skill. Anywhere between $0.25 and $15.00 per minute.

How much does it cost?

There is a FREE plan available to list your bisiness or services. There is a 10% commission when you withdraw your funds. That means you keep 90% of your earnings.

How do I price my services?

With myarea app, you can set your own cost-per-minute and you can change it anytime later.

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